Creativity at work (lecture, workshop)

The challenge for you
To develop greater day-to-day creativity, synonymous with a capacity for adaptation, flexibility and innovation, in order better to tackle complex situations, ranging from writing a sensitive e-mail to managing projects and people.

The challenge for Saisir le temps®
To transmit some principles of creativity applicable to all situations:

  • Be aware and listen
  • To-ing and fro-ing
  • Seek balance, coherence, clarity and concision
  • Pursue an ideal
  • Integrate and invent

In a workshop, we work on these principles with the help of games of musical composition, company case studies and application to the issues of the organisation.   A workshop in several stages enables participants to test these principles in actual situations and to alternate with feedback on their experience.

For more information
Creativity: A Venture Within The Company (LE TEMPS, 2011)