One verb, one strategy (workshop)

The challenge for you
Your aim is to concisely define the objective, the mission and the vision of a project, the stem cell of the organisation or of a team, or the “how things are done”. Your aim is to ensure that these intangible aspects can be shared, linked together and understood by all concerned. Your aim is to evolve a coherent strategy over time.

The challenge for Saisir le temps®
The use of the primary motif technique to help you achieve organic coherence and flexibility.  This is a technique that enables a strategy to be evolved using a single verb and its various forms.  It allows everyone concerned to put into practice an objective, a mission or a vision.  It was this type of approach in particular that Beethoven used to compose his Fifth Symphony.

A verb, a strategy
A workshop by Claudio Chiacchiari (3’49)